Time Series Data Management
for Windows Desktops and Servers.


Excel Add-In

Dbank's Excel Add-In enables you to manage time-series directly from Microsoft Excel.


Robust Storage

Time-series storage using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or IBM DB2 is now available.



Do you have trouble keeping track of the time-series data in your organization? Would you like to catalog your series so they are relative easy to locate and immediately accessible from Excel without any intermediate steps? Are you coding a Windows application that requires database engine specifically designed for time-series? Then consider using Dbank for Windows, a powerful, efficient and cost-effective time-series manager for Microsoft Windows.

Dbank's utility comes from its powerful time-series object model, which allows developers to build time-series server-side data management solutions at a fraction of the normal cost. In addition to the usual storage and retrieval of time-series objects, Dbank's database engine offers a comprehensive library of statistical procedures that includes, for example, the Holt-Winters exponential forecasting procedure, the Hodrick-Prescott filter, and the recently released Department of Commerce's X12 facility. All of these procedures are accessible from Visual Basic and/or Visual Basic for Applications, including Microsoft Excel.

Dbank for Windows operates on the Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


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